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                      Product Center The company‘s insulation products cover 12-1100kv medium voltage to ultra-high voltage voltage levels, and tailor-made insulation modules for ring network cabinet, high voltage switchgear, box type substation, GIS and other electrical equipment. It has many years of in-depth cooperation with international electrical giants abb, Siemens, Schneider, and has rich experience in technology research and development, production and manufacturing, quality control, etc. More
                      R&D Innovation Rox will always put technological innovation in the first place. In order to create competitive products, we always grasp the needs of customers, and constantly promote the research and development speed and optimal design. More
                      Information Center We have a lot to tell you. Browse our news, reports, press releases and multimedia content. More
                      About Us Rox is a leading enterprise in the field of electrical insulation in China. Founded in 1995, it devotes itself to the development of insulation system solutions to meet electrical requirement in the future. Rox has continuously contributed to the growth and safety of the electricity transmission and distribution industry. At present, Rox has established long-term cooperation with State Grid, ABB, Schneider, Siemens, GE and other companies to provide technical support and services for more than 22 countries all over the world. Rox has 420 employees, including 62 technicians. Among these staff, 10 technicians with master‘s degree or above, 15 engineers or senior engineers. Rox has applied for more than 100 patents in total. Our service covers design, development and manufacturing of 12-1100kV electrical insulating products, and operation and maintenance of power equipment. Rox has been improving product quality and reducing production costs by green manufacturing system with informatization and intelligentization to provide professional solutions to electrical insulation system for customers. More
                      Zhejiang Leian Electric Co., Ltd Zhejiang Leian Electric Co., Ltd., located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang province, is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Shanghai Rox Electric Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Leian Electric is an enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of 12KV-40.5kV epoxy insulation components, and at the same time, researching, developing and producing low-carbon and environment-friendly insulation products formed by new materials. The main products are SF6 cover, insulating cylinder, contact box, bushing, insulator, insulation cover, insulation support, solid core module, and other electrical insulation components. More

                      Make Insulation Safer

                      The transmission and distribution industry is undergoing profound changes, but no matter how the market changes, ensuring the excellent quality of electrical insulation products is always the top priority. with long-term experience, ROX has been continuously carrying out technological innovation to provide customers with safe, reliable and more competitive electrical insulation products.
                      R&D Innovation
                      Information Center
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